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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Jasmine Ta (2016)

The photo represents my spoken word poem. The lines ''I caught myself running away one day
I watched him run'' and ''I like to think he was all by himself
just him versus him'' refer to the narrator confronting himself, as if he were two different people. Before the narrator can leave behind a part of himself, he has to know what he is abandoning.

The vampire represents the ''I'' in the poem, and the owl represents ''him.'' To make the vampire appear superior to the owl, I placed the vampire on higher ground and on white paper, so that he also seemed ''in the spotlight.'' This is also because the ''I'' is the speaker’s outward appearance, and the ''him'' is the speaker’s inner self. I increased the brightness on the vampire and the owl to show them being at odds with one another. I shot the orange bottle in the background by accident. It took extra work to desaturate the bottle.
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