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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Jeffrey Kerr (2016)

'Saying I committed the crime, yet you can’t even make a correct rhyme! But I will use my Chime and Climb to the prime, Since you, sir, are running out of time!''

I think this has to be my favorite of the poem, mainly because I spent several hours trying to find the correct words that go well together within the context and they still need to rhyme well together. In the poem I made sure that you can see that he is getting angrier and angrier by adding in more rhymes in each line afterwards. This is what led me to make the sticky note containing the majority of rhymes in the poem, and because the word ''Time,'' is crossed out shows that the time for the doll, when he loses all his pride to the scissors.

I chose a cat doll for the representation of the antagonist of the poem, because in the poet's point of view stealing one person’s poem is a simple act of cowardice; and a Cat to be specific because Cats are too lazy to do their own works. The scissors are a sign of the protagonist, and the what the doll did to the poet. The doll made a quick COPY, CUT, and PASTE, and they can be used as a weapon so now the scissors are coming back for him. The paper crown was a chosen for two reasons: the crown is self explanatory but it is made of paper is because paper is commonly used for poetry, and just like pride it can be ripped to shreds. The notepad is also a little reminder of the sins the doll, the copy of the poems chime, the climb to fame afterwards, all but the time part- because that is something that people wish they can be apart of. Then there people who are a apart
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