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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Jessica Dickson (2016)

My photo was based off of a poem I wrote about the experience of my grandma passing, the line: The memories she left me, will never fade away. This line inspired me to capture and depict my photo in this manner. The phrase fade away that I used in my poem inspired me to use a shadow because in the course of a day shadows slowly begin to fade away and you can’t see them anymore. The line, The moment has come. also had an influence on me while capturing my photo. The word moment relates to the shadow in how in a single moment the shadow slowly disappears by the movement of the sun. Since the sun is always moving the shadow always constantly changes until it disappears.

The photo that I captured represents a shadow in a empty picture frame. The shadow represents my grandma that passed and the empty picture frame represents the sense of something missing. Usually a photo should be placed inside of the photo frame but it was missing. Relating to when my grandma was alive, then slowly passed and disappeared from my life which also affected my loved one’s as well. Along with the shadow and photo frame that I used in my image, green leaves also appear in the the silhouette. These leaves represent my grandma’s Irish ethnicity because the color green is very sufficient in this culture. While trying to produce this piece I ran into many difficulties like lighting and the the sun constantly rotating which made it hard to get the perfect shadow into the right place. Also there was a short time period to get this shot taken along with making sure that background didn’t get over exposed because of the sun. So balancing the amount of sun in the photo and getting enough sun to create a shadow was the most challenging.
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