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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Jesus Membrillo (2016)

I deserve to live every second with happiness, But I only see pain through my eyes. This is a quote from my poem and it describes my feelings with a very dramatic tone. The purpose of this line in my poem is that I want to give an unsettling though to the reader about my own thoughts. My interpretation about the tone in my poem is that I’m trying to give the reader a depressive thought about my mind. My thoughts on the line I used include the point of view that I seek that includes how meaningful somethings can be to me. That is why I used that line from my poem for the same reason that it explains how my thoughts give meaningless emotion to my life.

My concept statement is exploring the feeling of depression through the experience of love. My photograph refers to to depressive state that the dog is in. How his heart is ripped out and how it is only connected to its chest by a slight pair of strings. The depression has taken over it at the end. The only problems that I faced when taking this picture was that I needed a lot of light in order to take the perfect angle of the lighting. This helped a lot because it gave a better focus point on the heart which needed to be more noticeable in order to be seen by the viewer when in display. The meaning of my photograph comes back to the main point of my poem, in which I relate the fact that depression has taken over my life and I cannot live with happiness at all.
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