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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Joshua Kwok (2016)

I used my ekphrastic poem as an inspiration for my photograph. The story behind my poem was about a man looking through different lenses and seeing different things. Here are some the lines from my poem: ''He is me, I am him. I look up, see a sun. It is blue. A round circle over the crashing waves. I look around. Everything is alright. I look through the window. I see the sun. It is green''. I wanted to show self-realization through perspective in my photograph. The motivation for the photo was when the man in my poem sees the blue sun as a different color through the window.

My photo was a picture of me holding a 50 millimeter lens up to a mirror and then taking a picture of it. Because both ends of the lens were uncapped, there is an image of me through the lens upside down. I cropped the image to only the hands holding the lens and cropped it using the rule of thirds. The whole image is in black and white to represent the world the person was living in. I had to play around with the angles of taking the photo to ensure that I was right in the center of the image that was shown through the lens I was holding. At first, I wanted to just take a photo of the lens itself backwards with just my hands in the reflected image, but then I realized it would make more sense if I was in the image inside the lens. The lens I had on the camera I used to take the picture of the 2nd lens was a 28-135 lens. I played around and zoomed in and out till I found a good zoom for the photo. When I was editing, I noticed I had a door inside my photo, so I selected the insides of the lens and replaced them with blue-green circles. The hardest thing about the process of creating this photo would probably be the focusing of the lens. I had to manually focus on the 2nd lens, but I only have 2 hands so holding a camera and holding a lens at the same time was difficult. I ended up relying on autofocus, and after a while the lens finally did what I wanted it to do, which was focus on the upside down me.
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