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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Lisa Morizur (2016)

'It is for the alcoholics drinking themselves
into amnesia to forget someone who left.
It is for the lonely, the ones who are in love
with the loved but are not loved in return.''

These lines represent the lonely, sad side of love and the consequences of loving someone unfit for you. It does not represent being in love, it represents losing the person that made you love. The title of the poem, ''2 am'' is an hour where the rest of the world is asleep causing these people to be alone and how they react to that. It also shows it hard because they have experienced a devastating loss, pushing them towards self destruction in different ways .

To set up and take this picture, I started by putting a bottle of whiskey, a glass of whiskey, and a couple cigarettes into an old industrial looking shelf. One problem I experienced was that I Really wanted the smoke from the cigarettes to show up in the picture. I attempted this by lighting the cigarette and blowing into it, but this did not work.when I tried it a second time I Accidentally inhaled the smoke in and had a coughing attack. I also wanted more light, but because I was inside it was difficult. I took a spotlight and started waving it around the shelf in order to get different shadows which made a for a very nice shadow effect. When editing, I want a dark amber tone, but my picture was already very yellow. In order to fix this, added a blue cooling filter and played around with changing the tone. I also contrasted the shadows a bit more so that the bottle could clearly be seen. Finally, the cigarettes were a bit too yellow, and they blended in a little too much with the brown background. So I selected them, which enabled them to be edited by simply added another cooling filter without disturbing the rest of the picture.
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