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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Madeleine Zonana (2016)

The lines of my poem that inspired my photograph are ''It becomes hard to see where I am going
No hope of reaching my goal''. This poem was based on my concept statement of expressing frustration through meditating. The lines refer to a person trying to meditate but are unsuccessful because they are too stressed and overwhelmed to find inner peace. In my photograph I used the door to represent the hope of meditation or the goal of reaching enlightenment. However, the goal is blocked by stress which causes frustration and is represented by the crack that it is leading to the door. In the photograph the crack is in focus and the door isn’t to show that when the person focuses too much on the stress and frustration they lose sight of the door or inner peace.

I used a Lego door in my photo because that was a lot easier to photograph and manipulate that a full size door. I put it on a crack in my living room table because the table also had a nice dark background. I placed the door at the far end of the crack to show how it was in front of the door. The hardest part was finding the right angle and lighting so that the crack really stood out in the picture. Because it was in my living room there was not tons of light and the crack is fairly thin. In Photoshop the only thing I did was desaturate the door so that there was less focus on it and more on the crack.
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