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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Mallory Coish (2016)

I was motivated to take this photo because since it is about our society, more importantly Silicon Valley, it is very relevant and relatable. The lines from my spoken word poem that I used were ''We live in this bubble, Living near Google and Apple''. These lines represent exactly what my photo is. A deeper meaning of my photo is that we are trapped inside this society that is very advanced in technology and has a lot of competition.

The Google logo represents us, or the people of Silicon Valley and the bubble represents that we are being restrained to our society, or that we are trapped inside of it. I shot this by having my friend blow a really big bubble and have it stay on the stick so she could hold it in front of the computer screen. I tilted the laptop and got at an angle where the bubble went over the logo completely, and then focused only on the bubble, a shallow depth of field. In photoshop, I put a cooling filter on it as well as cropped it to have it centered rather than have it be on the rule of thirds because it was the main focus on my photo; in other words the background around the laptop was not important. I also put filters and changed the hue and saturation of just the computer screen to make it pop. A problem I had was when I was shooting it because it was extremely hard to blow a big enough bubble and on top of that shoot it in time before the bubble popped.
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