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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Michael Smith (2016)

was the title of my poem. I got the idea of the title from Finding Dory, and how Dory said ''if you don’t know what to do, just keep swimming.'' That was the whole idea that molded my poem. I based my writing off of a piece of art where the words ''Start Swimming'' were written out, and in the background were pictures of what was supposed to be San Francisco being flooded. My poem then became related to global warming, and how as nobody did anything to help the Earth, the water would rise higher and higher, and how you had to keep on swimming to get away from the flood, until nobody was left on the Earth because global warming went ignored.

The photo I used to represent my concept statement was a picture of a running water fountain. As you can tell, by the way I represented it, it will probably not be very hard or complicated to understand. I placed my camera on the corner of the water fountain to get the shot as furthest away as I can, whilst still being relatively close for the picture, if that makes any sense. I made sure there was focus on the spout where the water came out of, and less so on the background or parts of the water fountain that were further away from where the spout. I also made sure to go by the rule of thirds (the spout which I was focusing on was all the way to the right of my shot). Then I put my camera on timed shot and had it take as many pictures as possible as I turned on the water. My picture ended up coming out well. What it was meant to represent is the rising of water through the water coming up out of the spout. Probably the only difficulty I had with taking these shots was trying my best not to get the lens wet, which ended up working pretty well. I only got a few droplets of water on it, which I was able to get off easily.
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