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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Morgan Fielding (2016)

'They shine
So bright, but yet so dim
They are dimmed from the other lights
The lights that blind the people
The lights that control the people
The lights from the people...
You can see the past...''
These lines from my poem are describing how the stars in the night sky are being dimmed, and how bright they are to be reaching across such a distance. The lights from the people's city are causing this dimming so easily. The picture inspiration came from the poem when I thought of stars I thought of soldiers and how they were stars but then I need to find a way to have them fading. I then thought of the large grave yards of the soldiers they are there and being remembered but are fading away. The soldier graveyard didn't work out because I couldn't get to a location with one, but the them stuck with me and I ended up shooting at a regular graveyard which worked out even better because it wasn't as well-kept as a military graveyard would be.

The image was to represent how the dimming of the stars from the poem. I chose a graveyard for my photograph because it shows how important the past was and how we respect the people, but how not many people come there. The entire place looks run down and all the graves have water stains, the grass is growing over some of headstones and the writing is fading to show the fading like the stars being forgotten. This to me represents how they were important and how the have been forgotten over the years and their importance has faded out of memory and out of site. During this project I struggled with correcting mistakes and knowing what I wanted to fix about the image. I also struggled with Photoshop for the first day because most of the page went off the screen and I could not get it back so I couldn’t use any of the tools. I spent most of my first class period we had to work on it fixing that so I only had two days to finish the project .
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