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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Peter Zdepski (2016)

In my ekphrastic poem I attempted to mirror the confusion and surreal presentation of the painting I was writing about called ''Figures with Sunset'' by Roy Lichtenstein. The painting balances the vibrant use of color with confusing images in a way that presents a very abstract, surreal, and confusing landscape. I attempted to capture these aspects of the painting through lines like, ''like fragile thin ice, a diamond'' where I tried to mimic the very delicate and precise nature of the painting from its use of very thick and solid outlines of the objects. Another way I related my poem to the painting was through odd punctuation and end stops, like in the line ''White, reflecting, rubber.'' This punctuation was used to mirror the very confusing aspects of the painting, like the weird placement of objects and abstract presentation.

One of the main goals I wanted to achieve when shooting my conceptual photo was to convey its relation to confusion to the reader. In order to accomplish this I chose to place two Rubix Cubes in water, and by using the refraction of the light on the water to distort my image I was able to give it the ''confusing'' look I wanted to achieve. I was able to mirror the vibrance in the original painting and the proper diction I used in my poem by dropping food coloring in the water in order to complement the different colors on the Rubix Cube. The fact that the colors floated down in little respective splotches and clouds to further push the idea of being ''clouded'' by confusion. The last concept i needed to portray was has it relates to peace, and besides the peaceful flow of the colors sinking, I chose a handled vase as the container of the cubes because of its familiarity as well as its positive connotation through its relation to flowers, which helped back the concept of peacefulness in my art
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