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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Sabre Vangel (2016)

This photo is a visual representation of me being trapped in a relationship and being scared to break out of my comfort zone and explore new things and ideas. Also feeling pressure of the world and the future of new people is represented. This photo depicts a personal connection in everyone's life to something or someone controlling and for that thing being hard to break away. For me it was my past relationship. My favorite and most meaningful lines in the poem,''Who kept my head above water...When i was sinking yet still floating'', were meant to show that the person would tear me down but was the only thing I knew that could help me so I would keep returning to the terrible conditions.

I used to mannequin figure tucked into a ball to represent the confined feeling and restrictions I had on me and not being able to go outside certain zones, as seen from the mannequin being on a stand. I shot it with my room light dimmers set on low and my computer screen on half light from behind me. In Photoshop I first cropped the photo to get any unneeded items out of my shot. Then I changed the brightness, exposure, vibrance and hue
saturation. From there I selected the mannequin and made the edges lighter facing towards the screen and added a cooling filter to add an underwater
sadness effect. My biggest issue during the project was the place and time of the shoot and the available resources for what my poem was about. It was hard to find the correct lighting to make a low and cold feel.
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