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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Sarah Chiu (2016)

My photo expresses the lines from my ekphrastic poem,
''Looking closer
the answers become distant.
Eyes so desperate for meaning,
they become the size of a pinhole''
These poems represent feeling incapable while trying to find answers. The speaker in the poem is looking at a piece of abstract art and is struggling to find the meaning behind it, similar to the subject in my photo. On a deeper level, this represents the struggle to find the meaning of life and life’s purpose.

For this photo I used a poster board as a background that was just meant to be a blank background to keep the focus on the foreground. I also used three similar abstract drawings I’ve made in the past, though one was made the night the photo was taken to provide a third. I had my dad hold a worn out magnifying glass up to the drawings. Using Photoshop, I got rid of the grid on the poster board. My biggest challenge was making the photo brighter and cancelling out the warmness of the photo by applying a more cooling effect to make the photo whiter and more neutral so the lighting and colors of the photo wouldn’t distract from the photo itself.
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