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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Sasha Heye (2016)

In my photo, I used the last part of my poem as inspiration. ''Interrupted by the slice of a scar,'' has a dangerous feeling, so I incorporated knives into the photo to give it the same choice. ''Reflecting, regretting. Choices…Time’s up.'' In this line, I talk about waiting, and using that time to reflect. The waiting is spent in purgatory, where this person is about to hear his or her own evaluation of life. To represent this in the photo, I used a mirror as the face of the clock. The mirror is reflecting and the clock is waiting. The knives are the hands of the clock, as if there is a constant reminder of the danger that may lie ahead.

For this photo, I put the mirror flat on its side and put two knives, one large and one small, on top of it like the hands of a clock. The ceiling above the mirror is plain white, so there weren’t any reflections of anything. This is all on top of a dark blue table, since the piece of art my poem is inspired from is dark blue as well. To get an angle from the top, I stood on a high chair. The most difficult part of taking this photo was keeping my balance while trying to keep a steady hold on the camera.
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