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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Sebastian Marulanda (2016)

My mouth hurt to keep it closed, it burnt, it was almost sealed shut but I left a crack | I missed a single crack and then the piece of apple wouldn’t stay | I wanted it to, I wanted it more than anything in the world'' - From the Poem Oranges To Apples. My concept statement is exploring the feeling of joy through pain. These couple of lines in the poem easily symbolize this concept statement and the idea that happiness is something to work for either through pain or is something worth pain. The statement which these lines are trying to make, in my opinion, suggest that some pleasures in life are harmful whether it be to your spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional being but in the end are worth the pain in a personal sense. Some examples are the use of drugs and alcohol, they are harmful but to some are worth the pain and danger. The title of this piece is a play on the title of a beatles song which refers to brighter days being around the corner. The photo is titled ''Here Comes the Sun''

In the photo itself you will find a sunflower being hanged. The rope is tied into a noose. The noose is used to symbolize the idea of self-harm, addiction, and even suicide. These forms of pain are self inflicted and often done so for the sole purpose of finding happiness or experiencing pleasure. The Sunflower is a symbol of happiness and the idea of joy, life, rejuvenation, and positivity in general. Puting the sunflower in the position of being hanged gives the impression that being a symbol of happiness or simply being happy comes through pain and is worth pain. Some Difficulties I had trying to take this picture was the staging of the two objects. It was often difficult to find where to attach the hanging flower.
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