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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Austin Pan (2016)

'All of these fragments, at any time, may perish.
A vital and dear friend caught in an accident,
Both of your relationships reaching annulment.
So, for your lifetime; memories, you must cherish''

The memories that everyone creates with others must all be treasured. If the memories one forges with others are disregarded in any manner, they may be lost forever, for people are fragile beings and with the loss of a person, comes the loss of one’s connection to them, including shared experiences.

The flowers that were shot within my picture each represent an object that a person possesses connections and sentimental attachment with. This can be a person, an object that one is attached to, or even a food that is connected to various emotions. The water droplets that rest upon the petals of the flowers represent the different memories or links that one shares with the object or person. The image was shot from a bird’s eye view to convey how fragile each flower, each person and object that memories rest upon, is. Once one flower wilts and dies, all the droplets that rest upon it fall away as well. When a person or object of value disappears, so too will one’s ability to recall and create memories and recollections that were shared with them.
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