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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Stephen Falsetti (2016)

Before sense
there is no experience.

The choices I made for my photograph were the most influenced by these lines. The egg in the photo represents before birth. The egg has a thought bubble which is black because it knows nothing but the inside of it’s shell. The outline of the dead body however, has a thought bubble filled with colorful abstract patterns because they already have experienced sense. This shows that death is to not be so feared, for once there is an experience, no experience does not make sense. I chose to depict after death as a crime scene because one of the most common fears is to be gruesomely murdered, though even after that it has happy thoughts.

My original idea was to be straight above the drawing and not have the image at an angle, but when I started drawing it was all in the shade, and by the time I finished the sun had moved covering only half with the shadow. I took many photos up on the ladder trying to get an angle where it would all be in the shade, or all in the sun, but that did not work. I ended up having multiple people hold up my car cover to put it all in the shade and it worked. In Photoshop I adjusted little to nothing on my photo, adding a very very slight vignette, and saturating the thought bubbles. Easily the hardest part of this process was actually taking the photo with the right lighting, in the after affects
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