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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Syd Biros (2016)

'This is a goodbye. At least for a while''
There is no way to capture the heartbreak that accompanies a goodbye. The confusion of how your life will continue with this new change that has been enacted. No matter how long the goodbye is for, each moment is an experience that one has to navigate oneselves through. Attempting to explore a new environment after a change can be very bewildering. The motivation behind my photograph was to capture the stark differences that arise in between the environment and an individual. A person can feel very isolated with their own thoughts in situations such as this one. One of the first types of drawing that young children learn is stick figures. By using stick figures I my photo, I take the audience back to a time where they did not have life figured out.

I took the photo against a white backdrop, but I later realized that was not the look I was attempting to achieve. In Photoshop I changed the color of the background as well as Increasing the contrast on the stick figure and the words. I also wanted the edges of the paper to be rougher so I had to experiment with how to create that look. I struggled the most with the lighting when taking my picture. A problem I had with the lighting was hot spots caused by the reflections of my lighting against my white backdrop. I fixed this by using a diffuser. Another issue was the photo is supposed to be cold and abrasive, but the lightning I was using had a warm tint. In Photoshop I added a cooling layer to make the photo less warm.
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