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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Syyah Brown (2016)

My main motivation for this piece is to evoke a relatable and familiar feeling for the viewer without fully giving away the that aspect of it. The meaning of my creation was to portray the feeling of anxiety through the experience of having a daily routine. This piece reflects a major part of my personal experience with feeling trapped and angstful when having to the same thing over and over again. For me personally as a person who takes refuge knowing there are a lot of unknown and undiscovered aspects of this world and myself as a person and find solace knowing that. But when it comes to a daily routine and my everyday life the fact that it’s sp anticipated on what I’m going to next makes me nervous for some mysterious reason.

The objects in my photo represent normality trying to maintain composure. The two coffee cups are a symbol of an everyday thing people would take everyday as a source of energy to get through their boring days. But the thing that is significant about these two objects is how one cup of coffee is actually older than the other one which explains why their different shades . I shot the photos in natural light in a variety of different angles. My background was a black stove top to contrast the white cups. In Photoshop I put a cool filter to make the lighting look more sharp and less inviting. I also used the sponge and the burn tool to enhance the dripping on the side of the darker cup in front. I did this to show that the older cup was was the one cracking under the pressures of having to go to work everyday. I didn't have many challenges besides trying to get the correct angles while trying to get gloomy lighting over the cups without it being underexposed.
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