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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Wendy Nieves (2016)

' a father who has left his little princess'', this line means what it is; a young girl growing up not having her father in her life. I wrote this based on a real life situation that happened to me, I grew up without my father in my life. The picture I took was of a Beauty Blender that is missing its top part. This line inspired that picture because it is missing something that it needs to be whole;without the top part the bottom part has to do more work in order for the person using it to have their makeup the way they want. That's basically what happens in real life when one parent raises their kids on their own; they have to do way more work without the other parent there helping them raise their kids. In my image next to the beauty blender there are pieces of it next to it, like leaving a clue about how someone so important got ripped out of their life. But those pieces represent that even though they aren't there, there is still part of them with you. That's what the line ''leave a clue'' means in my picture.

When I was taking my picture I sat in my room for a long time thinking what could I photograph that represents this, that is missing something that it needs but still be useful as a representation of a child who doesn't have one parent in their lives but still continues with all the hard work of their other parent. At first I decided to photograph a soda can, because without the liquid it can still be worth something but it didn't really relate to my concept statement. So I started to photograph other things, but what got my attention most and what I thought related more with my concept statement was my beauty blender, because my sister had ripped it apart but I still used it when I do my makeup because it is still useful. So I photographed it when my sister i thrown it after she had ripped it up and left a trail of little pieces of it so symbolize that that parent still leaving something of them. The hardest part of getting this picture is not making it to blurry and making sure that it had the rule of thirds.
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