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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Carlos Bautista (2016)

Now people are afraid
to go home,
Afraid to go to school.
Nobody can be trusted.
These lines inspired me because they show that there is fear of going home due to the destruction. When I wrote this is I felt like it was telling about the destruction of the city. I also thought of dark and sad colors when was Photo shopping the picture. The purpose of these lines is that I was writing about how Paris became a city of fear and people don’t want to go home or anywhere.

In the process of taking the picture I was at home and I was thinking of what items can show destruction but the item could not be too literally and not to abstract. I got an idea from my classmate of having scraps on the ground and taking a picture of that. I didn't do that because it was too dark to take a picture of that outside so I got a piece of paper and tore it up and crumpled some and put it on my desk. The most difficult part of this process was to put the light at a right angle so the picture would not come out to exposed or not enough light would hit the picture.
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