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Junior Conceptual: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Caroline Keosaksith (2016)

This photo was inspired from a line in a poem I wrote that says, ''so I
have these sounds for me
to thrive on,
to live on'' These lines are describing how the music that I found is helping me, and I am living on it, or leaning on it, because of that. I titled my photo ''Introspection,'' because when I wrote this poem, there was an underlying concept of introspection, or the observation of my mind and how it thinks. The music guides me through this process of understanding my mind, which is necessary for me to live. Thus, I am living on the music because it helps me through this examination of my mental process.

This photo shows an open box full of colorful water beads, with a silver key inserted inside of it. The key is called a ''Skeleton Key,'' and it is a symbol that is often used to represent the band, twenty one pilots (intentionally lowercase), which is one example of music that has helped me. The box represents my mind, and it is filled with the colorful spheres which symbolize the many varying thoughts that I discover in my mind. All the beads, together, simply represent what I see when I observe my brain. I chose to use water beads, because I had to grow them in water first. They were first dark, miniscule pellets which grew to much brighter and bigger beads. I grew them myself. They represent my thoughts because I grow my own thoughts. The key is in the box, showing that it has unlocked the box, meaning that the music has ''unlocked,'' or allowed me to observe my mind. Personally, creating this photo has helped me visualize what music has done for me. During this, I had problems with thinking of an accurate way to show my concept, only using objects. I had originally shot a completely different visual of people walking, but it did not use objects or represent my concept well. Therefore, I had to reshoot and think of a different way to show introspection.
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