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Out There: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Ari Soewarso-Rivera (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of desire through the experience of traveling to a new place. The two objects in my photograph are a crumpled dollar bill and a cow’s tongue. Proportion is a principle displayed through the size of the dollar bill. Using a macro lens to get really close to the bill, I was able to make it look large compared to the tongue. Line is used in this piece to create emphasis. The lines of the window frame are strong and straight, creating a focus on the dollar bill. Value is in this piece through the use of shadows, they also create a sense of balance. The left side of the composition is mostly dark from the casted shadows, while the right side is full of light from the sun. This alludes to the idea that everything good is beyond the window, (traveling).

The tongue represents desire, it relates to imagery of a primal necessity. The use of a piece of meat alludes to the . The dollar bill represents traveling as dollar bills are objects which have travelled a lot. They are exchanged many times every day and end up far from where they originated. The bill on the tongue shows the desire created by traveling to a new place. Both objects sit on a window sill, almost like a person who is longing to leave home, creating imagery that relates to the concept statement. The editing for this photograph was fairly simple. The original photo was too warm, so I added a slight amount of blue to balance out the yellow tones. Next, I adjusted the hues and saturation of certain colors. The tongue was very brownish orange so I made the oranges more red and boosted their saturation to get the redness in the tongue. The saturation of the greens and blues was boosted as well to make the dollar bill pop more. Finally I cropped the image to include a rule of thirds composition. Related website
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