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The Blues: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Astrid Huang (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of resignation through the experience of meditating. For my conceptual photo, I took a picture of a broken pencil that is stacked upon blue paint samples to visually portray my concept statement. I chose to shoot at eye level and close up to emphasize the broken pencil. I chose for the focus to be on the pencils because resignation happens first and the recovering of the lost is resolved through meditation. Also, meditating is usually a very subtle or minimal act . That can improve someone’s entire day. This is why I wanted the paint samples to cover most of the background of my photo. I chose a broken pencil to represent resignation because I interpreted resignation as giving up. With the pencil snapped in half, it shows the anger and frustration before one gives up. I chose different shades of blue paint samples to represent meditating. Meditating is typically calming activity and blue is a color that often represents calmness. I also chose paint because I think watching paint drip is calming I chose to shoot at a park bench because I personally find the appearance of wood to be calming. Also a park is a place that many people go to take a break and relax.

Through Photoshop, I was able to sharpen the wood at the end of the pencil to put more emphasis on the brokenness of the object. I also sharpened the edges of the blue paint samples to allow each one to stand out. I used the blur tool to blur the characters on the pencil to , again, draw more emphasis to the broken ends.. Saturating the photo, specifically the blue, allowed for the paint samples to become more vibrant and the different shades to stand out from each other. Lastly, I blurred the wood near the bottom right of the photo to emphasis the objects rather than the wood. Related website
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