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Trapped: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Makaila Freitas (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of loneliness when making excuses. In this composition, I used a dead flower, a glass cup and yarn. The dead flower was chosen because it represents feeling of loneliness. The glass cup represents the skin of the person. I chose a clear glass instead of a colored jar because it is transparent and empty. Lastly, the yarn that was loosely wrapped around the cup because I view excuses as tying someone down and holding them back. The cup is lying on its side with the dead, broken flower partially in it while string is wound around the cup and coming off the sides. I set the ISO low because it was bright outside and it is supposed to be a gloomy thought and feeling. The objects are laying on the cement with a dark purple planting pot in the back to help darken the mood. I took the shot from down low so the viewers would see all the details of the dead flower.

I believe that the dead flower portrays a sense of sadness and the way someone who is lonely and isolated may feel. The clear glass portrays the sense of emptiness and transparency. Next, the yarn portrays being trapped and entanglement. This shows the consequences of excuses. Sometimes our excuses can be fibs or even just a different version of the truth, which we can easily get caught up in. While editing my final conceptual photo, I used Photoshop. I lightened the photo immensely and highlighted the brightest colors because it was a very dark photo. I darkened some of the lines that were rustic looking on the pot, giving the picture a greater dimension. Next, I continued to lighten as much as I was able to before it started to look worse. Finally, I added contrast along with brightness. Related website
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