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Getting Up: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Max Mayer (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of improvement through the experience of failure and disappointment. In the foreground of my photo, I have a large trophy with bagels. In the background of the photo, I placed a participation medal. I chose to place the large 1st place trophy in the foreground, because it shows how much I have improved. I chose to blur the participation medal to show how far I have come. Lastly, I chose to place the bandages wrapped around the trophy, in order to show how success can only be achieved through failure and disappointment.

The participation medal juxtaposed with the 1st place trophy shows how much I improved in soccer. The first time my team entered this tournament we placed in last. The next year we entered the tournament we won it. The bandages wrapped around the trophy represent the injuries and constant failures or difficulties it took to improve. It shows how you can't improve without failing a few times. In Photoshop I enhanced my photo by adding a vignette, which slightly darkens the border of the photo, in order to put focus on the main objects. To make the large trophy stand out, I increased the saturation of red. This helped make the red pillars of the trophy pop. Additionally I increased the brightness and contrast of the photo to make the highlights on the trophy more visible. I used a combination of these edits to complete my picture. Related website
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