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Regret: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Sarah Martinez (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of regret through the action of observing my surroundings. In my conceptual photo, I used a piece of paper scribbled on it with permanent marker and a pair of glasses. In my photo, the glasses are placed in front the scribbled piece of paper in order to portray the order of emotion to action, as explained in my concept statement. The objects are placed on a sidewalk and I took the picture facing toward the sun during sunset. I decided to shoot in this lighting because I wanted the picture to seem darker, giving a colder feeling. I placed the paper and glasses on a diagonal, simply because I liked the way their angles complimented each other and created some lines in the photo.

I scribbled on a piece of paper to represent regret and the use of permanent marker shows the permanence and impact my past decisions have had on my life. Glasses represents observing my surroundings because it is something used to enhance my site and I also enjoyed how the simplistic appearance of glasses balanced out the chaotic appearance of the scribbles on the paper. The interaction between the two objects signifies that when I am observing my surroundings, this action opens my eyes and mind to how my past decisions have impacted my life and have all been pieced together to shape me into who I am today. The glasses are placed in front of the scribbled paper in order to portray this relationship. Related website
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