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The Insecurity of Traveling to a New Place: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Syd Johnsen (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of insecurity from traveling to a new place. I used a globe and a couple strands of fairy lights as the objects to represent my concept statement. I placed the globe asymmetrically in the photograph, following the rule of thirds. The globe was used to represent the “traveling to a new place”, aspect of the concept statement. The fairy lights were used to wrap around the globe and connect each of the lights, they are slightly tangled. The lights are there to established insecurity, which relates back to the concept statement. The subject was shot in very dark lighting, which helped emphasize the brightness given off by the fairy lights. The darkness in the photo forces the eye to immediately look at the main objects, the globe and light. Globes don’t necessarily represent travel itself, but represent all the many places and opportunities one could experience. Light is also a good representation of opportunity and intention. I included the lights shining in several places around the globe to display that. When thinking of insecurity, I imagine one feeling confused and unsure of themselves. By wrapping the lights in tangles around the globe, it portrays a constricted sense of opportunity and hope and serves as the uncertainty and self-doubt of someone traveling somewhere new.

The very first edit I made in Photoshop, was cropping my photograph to fit the Rule of Thirds. Through this concept project, I also learned how to single out specific pieces of subject matter in a photo and edit them to correspond better with the rest of the photo. Using the Quick Selection Tool, I selected each light to increase the brightness. I decided to make this artistic choice in order to bring even more emphasis on the lights. Related website
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