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What Can Happen if You Take a Risk: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Sydney Tomasello (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of gratitude through the experience of taking a risk. In my photo, a penny balancing on a yellow flower is depicted. The purpose of the penny on the flower is to bring balance to the image The lighting of the image is coming from above the flower because I wanted it to kind of be a natural light to reduce the reflections of the coin. The purple of the background puts emphasis on the yellow flowers which , attracts your eye towards the subject. The flower represents gratitude in this image because flowers are something that people send to others when they want to show that they care or show thankfulness. The yellow color of the flower represents gratitude. The coin shows risks being taken because when someone flips a coin, he or she would be calling heads or tails and taking the risk of choosing what comes up. In the image it looks as though the penny could fall anytime, further showing the risk of the penny balancing on the flower.

In my process of Photoshop, I brightened the image using a screen on the top layer and using overlay modes to darken the background, as well as using a violet photo filter on the background to increase the contrast. I made multiple selections of the photo, on the flower, I used it to change some of the curves. Finally, on the coin I used the selections to increase the contrast and changed the curves of the penny. On the left side of the flower, I used a soft round brush at 4% opacity and colored with the same violet as the photo filter. I did this so that the side of the flower would partially blend into the background and bring more focus to the coin. Related website
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