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Nervousness Through Meditation: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Bija Haxhicani (2018)

I was motivated to take this photo in response to my concept statement; “ I am exploring the feeling of nervousness through the experience of meditation.” In my photo, there is a red hourglass on a branch of a plant with smaller branches next to it. I intended for the placement of the hourglass to be on the left of the photo following the rule of thirds to allow the viewer’s eye to go directly to it. The purpose of the red hourglass in my photo was to represent the emotion in my concept statement; nervousness. The anxiety behind an hourglass, the intensity of the sand moving from one end to another, and the color red itself draws attention and includes the branches of a plant was intended to represent nature and the connection distracts the viewer from the rest of the picture. The surroundings of the hourglass that to life. With the red hourglass among the green leaves, I wanted this complementary clashing of color to portray how an individual might experience the feeling of nervousness as they are attempting to meditate. As the green leaves can represent calm and peace, the red draws the attention to the hourglass. In the picture, even though there is a 3:1 ratio of branches to the hourglass, the hourglass persists to overpower the photo illuminating the power of the human emotion.

To capture this in my photo, I had to darken the edges and brighten up the middle to draw attention to the center. In addition, I increase the saturation of the hue for the hourglass to allow the red to stand out and directing the viewer to the left of the center. Related website
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