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Robelita: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Brent Abe-Titcomb (2018)

I am experiencing the feeling of change through evolution. In my photo, There is a picture of a watch and book resting calmly on a tree. The book sitting on the tree is seen on the top right of the photo, blending in with the branches which are blurred and sitting in the background. The watch at the bottom left with a metallic shine symbolizes value and unity. The photograph was taken in broad daylight resulting in no dark or light spots in the photo. It is also firmly centered on the middle section of the Japanese Maple, so the viewer is capable of seeing the background from a blurred standpoint. As for the actual objects, the tree seen in the photo represents the original state from which most man-made objects are made, creating a pure essence. It is also the first phase of which evolution takes place. The second phase depicted in the photo is the watch, which shows rapid changes over time. On its own, the watch describes the shift of humans changing a tree to the book over time. The last phase of evolution seen is the book, which is an outcome of the tree through time, modified by humans with a result of being turned into a book.

Overall I found the photoshop editing process hard but quick. Getting help from my fellow peers lifted the stress off. I hope to get more opportunities to continue to work on creative projects like this. Related website
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