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Outlawed: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Edmond Li (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of suspicion through the experience of destruction. I placed the empty jar on top of the hammer and the lid of the jar on the side for the photo. The position of the jar is upside down to create suspicion of events happened before hand. for the viewer. The hammer was laid horizontally on the ground with the head faced toward the wall. I tried multiple angles and this certain angle ended up being my favorite.The jar represents a cookie jar. The act of stealing a cookie from the jar is considered a taboo and an empty cookie jar creates suspicion for fellow family members. The hammer represents destruction. The combination of a cookie jar and a hammer gives the viewers greater sense of suspicion because the hammer and the cookie jar do not normally go together. This could also mean that someone is trying to open the cookie jar by brute force. I picked this background to make the viewer question why the objects are placed there. The backyard is not usually the place where the jar should be.

The bright red cap in the middle of the photo was attracting the viewer’s eyes instead of the cookie jar on the side, so I learned how to adjust the hue and saturation of a specific object in Adobe Photoshop to change the focus. I first selected the red cap using the selection tool. Then I used the Hue/Saturation tool to adjust saturation of reds in the photo. I tried to lower the saturation further by using a brightness adjustment layer, which changes brightness and contrast of the photo. Then, I repeated what I did before for the remaining area of the cap. I also added a blue filter in order to contrast the bright red of the cap. Related website
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