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Weigh Me Down: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Eren George (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of envy through the experience of managing responsibilities. The objects that I used in the photo are a small black monthly planner and a Fitbit weight scale. The planner is meant to resemble managing responsibilities. The meaning behind the scale is to resemble envy. You can view this in many ways, but I chose the scale with the intention of how many people including myself are envious of others’ body weight. I used the pages of the planner to lead your eye up and across the photo. I also used the planner to make your eye focus on the weight display. For the background, The usage of a dark cool color set the mood of envy. With the lighting, I wanted shadows cast on each of the objects to create contrast between the two since they are of similar value.

The planner and the scale portray a sense of mystery. Having the color and value of the photo dark and a sense of contrast helps set the mood of the concept statement. When I was thinking about photo ideas, my first thought was that I wanted the photo to be dark, because envy can be seen as bad—when I think of something distressing I immediately think of dark colors and a dark atmosphere therefore I made the image monochromatic. In Photoshop I cropped the photo to make it rule of thirds. I also added a blue color filter to make the overall value of the photo darker, as well as to set the mood of envy. I blurred the the background to soften the harsh lines. I enhanced the shadows in the photo to exemplify the contrast. Related website
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