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A Glissando to the Ground: A Junior Design Students - Conceptual Project by Jeremy Hahn (2018)

I am exploring the feeling of denial through the experience of standing up for myself. The two objects in my photo are a bass guitar neck and some frayed rope. The neck is suspended and the only thing holding it up is the rope which could give out at any moment making the bass fall to the hard ground. The photo is composed with the neck going diagonally through the middle and the rope is coming from the upper left with the frayed part in the upper left hand third of the shot. The white background creates a spotlight, shining on the objects, which reinforces the sense of aloneness someone can have when they have to stand up for themselves.

In the photo, the two objects represent the two parts of my concept statement. The frayed rope portrays the feeling of denial while the bass guitar neck represents the experience of standing up for myself. When you’re in denial at any moment you can shatter and the beliefs you’re clinging to will fall. This is like how the rope is clinging on to the neck but at any moment it can give out. The guitar neck represents standing up for myself because that takes a lot of strength and a bass guitar neck needs to be very strong to resist the tension from the strings.

Throughout my time at Freestyle, I’ve learned a lot about using Photoshop to enhance my images and make them more interesting. In Digital Media, I learned about using overlay and blend tools to make a photo darker or lighter and to make things stand out. I applied this to my photo by using the overlay brush blend tool to darken the background and make certain elements stand out. I put it on the rope to give it a glow as well as on the bass strings so that they stood out from the fretboard. Related website
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