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The Jacksonville Express: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Ari Soewarso-Rivera (2019)

My short story is about a teenage boy named Charles, and his traditionalist values. At the end of the story, the protagonist is caught in a train crash, depicted in my illustration. The creature, an amalgamation of a ram, a gorilla, and a deer, represents Charles. The three animals I have chosen all represent different aspects of my protagonist’s personality. The most noticeable feature is the horns. Rams are prideful creatures, which coincides with Charles superiority complex. The front half of the creature is a gorilla, representing how Charles presents himself as a strong individual. This feature is contrasted by the second half of the body, which is that of a fawn. The fawn represents vulnerability, it shows that Charles is just as weak as everyone else and that he suffers the same fate in the end; a train crash.

The design process began after my short story was completed. I sat down and brainstormed different animals that could represent certain traits of my character. Once I had a solid list of animals, I compiled images from the web that would eventually be used for a composite character. I took the images and manipulated them so that the different animal parts fit together on one body. After my composite was complete, I began my background. I brainstormed different scenes from my short story and settled on the train crash. I chose this scene because it seemed like a challenge to illustrate a train wreck. After settling on what the background would be, I created a composite of that too. Then I went to work on Adobe Illustrator and traced the composites into an illustration. Finally, I applied a color scheme that I thought matched the scene. Using my knowledge of Pantone colors, I picked a scheme and applied tints, tones, and shades of various colors to create harmony in my piece. Related website
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