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Momma's Boy: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Astrid Huang (2019)

My short story, named Momma’s Boy, is about Eli and Ayleet, best friends from different sides of the world. Halfway through the story, Aylett is getting more snacks while Eli is working when she falls down the stairs and they head to the hospital. The hospital is a sentimental place for Eli because it was the last place that Eli saw his mom. I combined three animals to capture the feeling that Eli was feeling when he stepped into the hospital years after his mother passed away. A Japanese macaque was used to represent creativity. Japanese macaque’s are very unique animals and their way of living is very creative, in hot spring baths. Eli is a very creative person, he has a very different way of approaching common problems. A leopard represents independence because leopards prefer to live alone. With losing his mother at a young age and his father being a pilot, Eli has always had to care for himself. A panda represents friendliness because people often associate pandas with cute because of their soft features. Eli has always been a friendly person and always puts his loved ones before him. Friendliness was something that his mom had always told him to be.

I started by writing my story, which was inspired from other stories that I have read and events in my life. I came into Design class with a character. In class, we helped each other brainstorm animals that correlate with attributes of our characters. I sketched out some scenes where the story takes place and compiled pictures of the animals that I chose. I chose a couple parts of each animal that make them unique and tried out a couple ways to mix the parts. I put those photos into Adobe Photoshop before saving the design that I thought would fit best into my scene. From there we took that final complied picture and put it in Adobe Illustrator and traced both the background and the animal. For the color scheme, I chose greens, blues, and purples to express the sadness and emotionless feeling that Eli felt stepping into the hospital so many years later. Related website
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