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Cowboy: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Kerby Gerughty (2019)

My story is about a teen growing up in Indiana without his father because he left. I picked the animals that I thought represented my characters traits. The traits I chose were strong headed, cowboy-like, and prideful. The Strong Headedness was represented by the bull and the rhino. Cowboy Is represented by the horse and the bull. Finally, the Lion represents his pridefulness.

We started by first sketching different scenes from our story that we could use in our background. After we sketched our ideas we shared them in a group to get feedback to choose which one we would move forward with. Once I chose the background I went to the internet to get source images. I decided to finalize my sketch to use that for my background. I opened my sketch in illustrator and illustrated it with the 3 point perspective grid. Getting everything to match 3 point perspective was a challenge. For this project, we had to choose a 5 color scheme. We choose this from color books and added a few colors. Then i moved on to the creature we used blending modes in Adobe Photoshop to merge images from the internet I traced this image in Illustrator and choose colors from my color scheme. I chose to use reddish pink for my rhino and purple for my bull. I had similar colors for the lion and horse in my color scheme so I used the natural colors. Once I finished illustrated my creature I Flattened it and put it in my background. When I put it in the background I thought it didn’t look correct so i reflected it vertically and it fit much better. Related website
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