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Forever and Always: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Makaila Freitas (2019)

In my narrative story, I emphasized the importance of telling someone how much you love them no matter what. In this narrative “Forever and Always”, Peyton, the main character begins as a senior in high school in a small town. Peyton is swamped with college acceptances and keeping her friendship with her best friend Jack. Peyton was raised by her father since her mother died when she was a young girl. Peyton’s best friend, Jack and her dad are the people who encourage her the most throughout her life, until she suddenly loses one of them after sharing the most amazing news she has ever received. To represent Peyton, I chose to insert a pig because they have a great sense of smell as Peyton knew something was wrong when Jack stopped answering her calls and disappeared. I chose eagle wings because Peyton is a free spirit and willed person while also being strong while going through everything she has. Lastly I chose a horse because they are said to be passionate. Peyton is passionate about her school, her social life and especially her dad and Jack. Overall, the collaboration of the animals may seem obscure, but there was much thought put into this and the placement of them.

After completing my story, I was asked to choose a minimum of three animals to create one of my own. I began by using “duckduckgo” to find high quality large images. I then inserted them to Adobe Illustrator. As challenging as it was to overlay the images in a way that they all faced the same way, I figured out how to change positions. After overlaying them, I began tracing the parts of the animals that I was going to use. Next, I chose my pantones to color the creature in with. Related website
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