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Everything Changes: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Olivia Ahrens (2019)

My English story is about a survivor of a school shooting, and their journey of overcoming tragedy. In Adobe Illustrator, I created a scene that demonstrates the character in the street, to exhibit that they are in the crossroads of life, and at a stage of transitioning and persevering through a large obstacle in life. For my creature, I combined a lion, fish, horse, and butterfly to illustrate the character in my story. I chose a lion because of its strength, a fish to show perseverance (keep on swimming), a horse to show courage, and a butterfly to show freedom. All of these traits are very prominent to the character and they describe the different phases the character had to endure.

There were many steps I had to complete to create this final product. The journey began in English, where we brainstormed ideas to write our story about, created a rough draft of our story, and then began to peer share, edit, and revise our writing from the feedback of peers from inside and outside of the freestyle community. Once we finished writing, we applied our English work into what we have learned in design. We first had to compile images from the internet that relate to our story, and merge them together using Photoshop, to create our character and background for our scene. Once we finished this, we used the program, Adobe Illustrator, to trace what we created in Photoshop. Due to intricate details, this part of the process took the majority of our time for this project. In design, we learned color theory and how colors can depict emotions and feelings. We chose colors with certain meanings that correlate with our story, to fill the sketch we traced of our background and character. This added to the visual appeal and story behind our art. Related website
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