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Conflicted: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Brent Abe-Titcomb (2019)

I was given the opportunity to depict the character from my short story in our English Class. My story was about a boy searching for his biological parents,located in Kazakhstan. Nazar, my protagonist, is offered to meet his parents, who are living in Astana at the time. The story is resolved when Nazar meets his parents in a park. Until the meeting Nazar had no clue as to who they were or what they looked like. For him, this was a really emotional moment. In my creature and background, I tried my best to translate his emotions into art. When constructing my creature, I thought heavily on how my character acted and how I portrayed his feelings. One of Nazar’s most distinct traits is how little he knows about himself. The chose an octopus to portray his mysterious past and how, to him, it is a huge blur. (Just how octopi squirt to leave a untraceable track) My second animal, was the piranha. Nazar used a really eager and aggressive attitude to get where he needed to go. A piranha depicts how desperate Nazar becomes when discovering his past . The final animal that I chose was a cheetah, because Cheetahs are fast and work efficiently. I thought this animal would be very fitting as Nazar goes through a long journey, much like Cheetahs. I depicted my background scene when Nazar arrived at the airport. At that time, that was where he felt the most conflicted.

For this project, I used Adobe Illustrator to translate my thoughts onto the page. At first I found the process to be very difficult, but with more exposure I gathered the confidence to continue working on my project despite several crashes and minor mistakes. Other than that, the whole process of finding a topic and a character wasn’t difficult. Related website
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