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Tree: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Cameron Semple (2019)

In my short story, Tree, you follow Alana Harris and her best friend, Marnie, as they explore the forests of the Trinity Alps in search of evidence of any paranormal activity. My creature, representing Alana, consists of the body and head of a crow, the legs of a cat, the tail of a goldfish, and the wings of a bee. I chose these animals to represent some of my characters more prominent traits. She is observant, hyper with her movements, easily distracted by things, and generally anxious; each animal corresponds respectively with these traits. Crows have a keen eye when it comes to finding small items that catch their attention. Cats are commonly seen as independent, lazy pets, however, young cats can be very hyper and require a lot of attention. If someone is told they have the attention span of a goldfish, it means they are often distracted or have a poor memory. Bumble bees are diligent workers but seem anxious if something they were not expecting gets in the way of them doing their job.

After writing down five personality traits that my main character had, I came up with different animals that fit each trait. Next, I pictured a scene from my story that my creature would best fit in and sketched out a few ideas to show perspective and layout. I searched for and downloaded pictures of the objects that I knew I wanted in my scene, such as a chair, a window, and the specific forest where my story took place. I then put my chosen images into Adobe Photoshop, and used a masking tool to isolate out the parts of the photo that I wanted to keep. I rearranged the position of the objects to form the rough outline of my background, and used Adobe Illustrator to transform my photo collage into an illustration. I used a Pantone color book to find a color scheme to depict the mood of the scene. Finally, I repeated this process for my creature and combined it with the background to complete the illustration. Related website
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