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Tom and the Robot: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Edmond Li (2019)

Tom and the Robot” is about a forming relationship between Tom and the robot and how the relationship causes problems since they come from two disagreeing factions.The scene is from the end of the story when Tom went out to see the robot named Ember. I used several animals to create Tom’s character. These animal traits represent of Tom’s character. There are animal traits of a crow, an octopus, an eagle, and a fox. The eagle represents how Tom observes his surroundings. Tom also is intelligent and this is shown both through the fox’s ears and octopus’ tentacles. Finally, the crow’s beak represents how resourceful Tom is.

To create this piece, I started by brainstorming the character traits that Tom has in the story. I then searched for references for the different animal and background objects such as an eagle’s main body. I searched for a high quality images of animals in different positions to represent some motion. After I gathered all of my reference photos, I pieced it together on Adobe Photoshop. I utilized multiple layer masks on all of the reference photos. The reason why I used a layer mask instead of cutting the image out was because the layer mask gave me the ability to recover the original image if needed. After this I put the reference photo in Adobe Illustrator. In Adobe Illustrator, I use the pen tool to create both the animal and the background. I start with the background by using the layer tools. I first drew the mountain in the back and layered the grass layer on top of the reference in the back. For example, I layered the village layers onto the mountain layers. I draw the creature and the background separately onto two artboard. Finally, I pieced the two together to create the final artwork. Related website
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