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Flames: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Eren George (2019)

My story titled lames takes place in a small village of Vijek where a young girl by the name of Valencia Storm is recklessly playing with her fire powers. She hears a loud noise in the distance, and there suddenly is a huge monster standing behind her. Valencia is able to defeat the monster, but after the fight finishes she blackouts because she used too much strength. When she wakes up in her room, she is surrounded by the ones she loves which is where the story ends. The scene that I illustrated was when the monster first appears in the village. For my creature, I combined the body of a black panther since Valencia is a very mysterious person, and to be a black panther is to be very mysterious. The ears of a donkey represent the ability to be a good listener, and the eyes of an owl because she needs good eyes to be able to scan the crops for an invader and for disease. I chose feet from a falcon since my character is very ambitious, and lastly the tail of a lion to illustrate her courage and strength.

To start out our project, our design class brainstormed animals and their corresponding meanings that represent the personality of our character. After we decided on the animals, we then needed to decide upon what the scenery and the background was going to be, by thinking about where our character was located most frequently. Once we decided on the final background and the animals, we searched for various images online to construct them. We then used Adobe Photoshop to compile all of the animals into one creature and did the same with the background. Once we finished the Photoshop document we placed the photos into Illustrator and started to outline, shade and color to make the finished project you see today. Related website
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