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Her Journey: A Junior Design Students - Narrative Character by Jehan Rasmussen (2019)

My English story is based on a nightmare that I had as a young child. The plot to my story is that a girl, Vinnea, finds herself walking through the woods in the new town she just moved to. Remembering her inability to navigate, she continues with hubris trying to find the cottage of her mother’s friend, when she finally realizes that she is lost. Panicking, she runs through the trees until having a breakdown. Shortly after, she stumbles upon the owner of the cottage she was trying to find. Vinnea’s hubris helped me find a scene to illustrate as well, which ended up being the scene in which she is first walking through the woods.

For Vinnea’s animalistic characterization, I combined a cat, a deer, a dalmation puppy, and a tarantula spider. The cat’s characteristics are symbolized through Vinnea as she is very distant and self-reliant. She does not want to ask for help from anyone. This coincides with the characterization of the tarantula, which represents Vinnea’s hubris through the first half of the story. The dalmation puppy represents her childishness and her refusal to accept that she needs help. The deer represents her fragility and her mind jumping to conclusions. While working on the project, we started by brainstorming in groups what would work to represent our characters best. Once we had gotten feedback from other classmates and from Ms. P, we began compiling and organizing photos of the backgrounds and animals we chose to represent our character and their setting, and then cutting and rearranging them in Adobe Photoshop. Once we had a solid base for both, we put them into Adobe Illustrator and made them our own through outlining, shading, and coloring. Related website
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