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House of Clouds: A Junior Personal Illustration by Priyah Koren (2019)

This is my personal illustration that I made both in Adobe photoshop and Adobe illustrator. The structure of the house was made with key points and many layers for shading. Then in photoshop I created the background of clouds and the orange waterfall. Illustrator was used to put it all together. This is supposed to show a sort of parallel universe where houses are in the clouds and there are doors and water starting and ending from nowhere. This is supposed to seem like a secret place that is why the house is somewhat see through and similar colors of the background which is showing through. The irregular placing of things and the drawing being non symmetrical just add to the general feeling of the peace. The waterfall is orange for many reasons that the view can make up for themselves, but for me it’s because it's my favorite color. Overall, it is a simple piece that is supposed to be calming but bring up questions to the viewer. Related website
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