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Control the Past: A Junior Personal Illustration by Ryan Wells (2019)

One of the things that expresses not only a personal struggle for me, but a relatable theme for people was the control of life. How free can someone be without a genuine feel of liberty in one's life, how happy can someone really be? When creating these illustrations I felt as if I needed to get away, as If I wanted to be away from a painful reality that i've created for myself. Delving into a deep aesthetic that has plagued my mind for years, this art style is my true form of liberty at best. The past is something that I feel restricts the human mind the most. It gives us not only experience on what not to do and what to do, but it is also what we don't know is what restricts us. If something is not a part of our past, how can we really know for sure if it is something we can trust?

My main focus for this project was to create a more 80s aesthetic to an illustration. I also presented visuals of a car driving off into the distance, also as a way to show that I wanted to step away from reality. I wanted to give a nostalgic feel for art and give the idea that the past is more or less the idea that really controls our lives and is truly all around us. I also placed a notable figure in there, "Chappie" from the hit movie in 2015. This would be a representation of a figure that would represent one of the worst years of my life. I look back on this amazing character from a genuinely well done film, and all I can think of is hatred all because my past was such a restriction for my way of thinking. Using a lot of the Pen tool and colors that were akin to that of a more "vaporwave" 80s feel, I achieved the idea that the past is something that not a lot of people like to dwell on. Related website
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