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Mildred Montag: A Junior Personal Illustration by Sarah Bailey (2019)

My Personal Illustration is inspired by a piece I drew in eighth grade. We were all tasked with creating a project based off the book Fahrenheit 451. I decided to create a piece based on the main characters wife, Mildred Montag. She was a very dull character and was only used to depicted the effect of the world around her. But something about her character seemed to have a deeper meaning. She seemed so cold and lifeless throughout the book, as if the only thing she cared for was the television. We expect to know more about her since she was the main characters wife, but all we learn about it her suicide attempt and her addiction to the TV. She reminds me a lot of how my parents view me. Though this is not only an issue directed at me, it seems very common nowadays for teens to be more depressed and dependent on screens. It makes them look like zombies when you're looking in from the outside. But on the inside, we have these very deep and complex emotions we cannot explain, but everyone else is looking at their phones too, so we can't say what we want anyways.

I decided to redo this piece because I felt unsatisfied with how it originally came out. I also related more to the character than I had before. The original piece was painted so this gave me an opportunity to learn more about the software were using in class. I haven't done a lot of art since eighth grade, so I felt that I was renewing my love for art through creating a large scale piece. Related website
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