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University: A Junior Personal Illustration by Arabella Boljonis (2019)

When I went college visiting a few months ago, There was this kid on tour with me. When I looked at him, I decided i really liked his style and it would be cool to draw him. I drew what I remember of his legs in adobe illustrator. He had on red converse and black socks. His jeans were faded and rolled up. What i didn't show was what shirt he was wearing. He had on a black long sleeve shirt with a red short sleeve shirt over it. His glasses were gold and his hair covered half of his eyes. He honestly kind of looked like a rude guy, but I really liked his style.

This project taught me a lot of important things about using illustrator. I learned that using layers is super important because you can lock a layer every time you finish a part of the image. I also learned that drawing on a Wacom tablet is really hard. Related website
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