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Cody Comeback: A Junior Personal Illustration by Turlough Mac Gowan (2019)

Cody Garbrandt- best hands in the game. I wish I could fight like this guy- his movement, his flow, his speed, power; amazing.

Cody was one of very few undefeated fighters and champions in the UFC- the largest MMA division in the world. Unfortunately he got too greedy in his first defense as champion. Winning the fight he went in for a dangerous brawl after feeling disrespected by a headkick. He lost the brawl and lost his very first professional fight. It being a close fight- he was given a rematch, in which he lost again. Understandably he took a break from Mixed Martial Arts, he needed to sort his life out and deal with his inner anger. Now he's back- and it's time for a comeback.

I chose this fighter because I admire his fighting style, and see part of myself in him- the fighter, the animal inside. I wanted to create an image that provokes the inner beast, and portray the brutality of the sport. Covered in blood, and watching over is the rising sun- a symbol from the old warriors of Japan, fighters who would rather die than surrender- a symbol I respect. Related website
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