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Aboriginal Octopus: A Aboriginal Dot Painting by Amruta Bhavsar (2019)

Aboriginal art is a type of art done by indigenous Australian people, typically depicting an animal using earthy tones and minimal lines. I chose to paint an octopus because they’re my favorite animal and I thought that I’d be able to make a nice contrast between the colors of the octopus and the waves behind it.

To create this painting, I first drew a smaller sketch of it with Sharpies to plan out where I wanted everything to be and experiment with the colors that I wanted to use. Because everything in my painting was done using dots of paint, all the shapes are made up of implied line. All the shapes are also very organic and curved. For the color scheme, I decided to use complementary colors: orange and blue. I wanted the octopus to pop out, so I used bright tints and tones of orange and red against cool light and dark blues. I kept the rock that the octopus is sitting on neutral to further emphasize the contrast. Related website
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